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Strategies to Reduce Conflict Between Co-Parents

Co-parenting is a difficult enterprise under the best of circumstances. It is likely that if you and your co-parent were able to agree on basic issues such as parenting, that you would not have divorced or separated. The problem is, the family courts expect parents to co-parent, especially where the decree or agreement awards joint …

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Non-Coustodial Fathers are Important

Many readers will be surprised to learn that throughout much of American history, the law presumed that children of divorce would be placed with fathers, not mothers. This presumption lasted through the late 19th century, with the advent of the industrial revolution. After that, society and the courts increasingly saw fathers as the source of …

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Do you have a plan?

If you are divorcing or separating, you are in one of 2 positions: Either you are leaving, or your are being left. Rare is the situation where both spouses have looked at each other and decided to “call it quits.” If you are the “leavor,” likely you have been thinking about taking this step for …

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